The Butterfly Foundation Website Redesign - Drupal - Ecommerce

Bliss was engaged to work with The Butterfly Foundation in 2016, following a long association with their partner organisation, the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC). We collaborated to create a complex, responsive website, which assists The Butterfly Foundation in supporting all Australians in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and body image issues. The website is fully transactional with an online store/shopping cart and streamlined donation process.

The website targets a range of specific audience groups, including youth, parents and carers; therapeutic and healthcare professionals; government and professional bodies; and donors.

The co-designed wireframes and design concepts were extensively tested in a series of one-on-one sessions with real users to validate decisions made on usability, design and copy. Other functionality included CRM integration; integration with LiveChat and phone support systems; and campaign integration. For the CMS we setup a flexible range of content templates which gives the client full freedom in the management of their complex communications and marketing requirements.


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