Bliss Digital approved supplier for Australian Government Drupal GovCMS Panel Nov 5, 2021

In October 2021, Bliss Digital was approved by the Department of Finance as a supplier for GovCMS Drupal Services Panel (DSP). This arrangement expires on 30 September 2024 with an optional 1-year extension. We are one of only eight approved suppliers on the panel (See approved suppliers list).

The DSP is a list of approved suppliers including small to medium enterprises with the necessary skills to work with Drupal and the GovCMS platform. The panel was created to help organisations find Drupal specialists and to simplify contract management arrangements. 

Specialist resources you can procure through the Drupal Services Panel include:  

  • Business Analysts 
  • Content Designers 
  • Delivery Managers / Scrum Masters 
  • Digital Art Designers 
  • Drupal Content Publishers 
  • Drupal Developers 
  • Front End Developers and Theme Builders 
  • Information Architects 
  • Solution Architects 
  • Technical Architects 
  • Testers 
  • User eXperience (UX) Designers 

Read the Drupal Services Product and Services Guide (PDF) to find out more about what's on offer. 

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