Australian Human Rights Commission - Tech Rights Report Human Centred Design - responsive and accessible - Drupal 8

Bliss recently completed the Australian Human Rights Commission, Tech Rights Report website. The project is a continuation of our relationship with the AHRC which begun in 2018.

Australians want technology that is safe, fair and reliable. But we know that new technologies can threaten our human rights to equality, non-discrimination, privacy, safety from violence, access and more.

The new website is an interactive version of the AHRC Tech Rights Report, a three year initiative that aims to ensure Australians can access technology that is fair, safe and equitable.

We’re proud of our work on this important project. The design is simple and elegant, yet looks forward, and is fully accessible. Importantly, this accessibility is achieved without the aesthetics being compromised in any way.

Bliss worked with the existing brand guidelines, to grow upon the look and feel we created for the AHRC main website. The site was completed by our Drupal team, led by our Acquia certified Grandmasters using Drupal 8.

Launch website:



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