Containers for Change Human-Centred Design - Drupal 9 - Custom Development - Oracle CRM Integration

Containers for Change (CFC) is a not-for-profit scheme focused on reducing litter, increasing recycling efforts, and helping communities benefit through paying refunds to individuals, charities and community groups. The benefits of the CFC program are multi-faceted: it enables new sources of income for communities, creates jobs for people with disabilities and the long-term unemployed, it reduces the use of virgin materials in manufacturing, and it prevents valuable materials, like plastic, aluminium and glass, from ending up as waste. 

Since the company launched in 2018 it has helped to take 7.2b billion containers or 520k tonnes of quality material, mostly plastic aluminium and glass out of the environment in Queensland and Western Australia, facilitating more than $A593 million in refunds.

The Challenge 

The website is core to the success of the program, as it is the central interface that facilitates customers across every stage of their lifecycle, from initial learning about the scheme, to participation in the scheme through to ongoing engagement and advocacy. The business goals of the project were to develop a website on an enterprise-level platform that was capable of integrating with their IT ecosystem; provide a seamless customer experience across all of their digital touchpoints; and, build customer loyalty.

IT Ecosystem Integration

The business is powered by significant infrastructure that not only helps CFC to achieve its goal of taking packaging out of the environment but helps other companies and the wider community meet their ESG (environment, social and governance) goals.

Containers for Change were looking for an enterprise-level platform that could deliver a meaningful customer experience while supporting their transactional volume and integrating seamlessly with Oracle for their customer data, via Rest API.

Agile Development and Delivery

It was clear from the outset that the client wanted to craft an online experience that is meaningful for customers and that rewards customer loyalty. As part of the process, we conducted an extensive exploration of their different customer types (including individuals, charities and community groups), mapping out their needs and end-to-end user journeys.

Through a highly collaborative process with the client, we created and tested various user flows, with input from stakeholders and customers. We focussed on optimising the web experience for mobile and making each customer touchpoint, from registration through to refunds and loyalty rewards, intuitive and engaging. It become apparent that each customer journey needed to be highly personalised. For this to work, we needed to accurately track customer behaviour and seamlessly integrate customer data with their external CRM. 

Drupal Acquia Cloud Solution

Drupal on Acquia Cloud was selected because the platform not only met all the non-functional and technical requirements of the project but also provided a full ecosystem that could help grow and activate their digital roadmap in the long term.

Acquia provides the best ecosystem for Drupal development and hosting, including the highest level of security and performance. As a partner, Bliss Digital is fully supported by Acquia and our Acquia-certified developers are able to use their suite of tools to develop and deploy Drupal best practice code, quickly and accurately.


The new solution had an immediate positive impact on customer experience and engagement. CFC’s key success criteria for the project was to increase registrations and these targets were not only met, but significantly exceeded. With the new website, CFC was able to reach the major milestone of collecting over 5 billion containers in Queensland alone, with over $A500 million refunded.


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