Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Human-centred Design - UX/UI Design - Frontend Development

Bliss was engaged in 2017 by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to complete the information architecture, UX/UI and design of their website environments.

The challenge we faced was that we needed to take an extremely complex set of data, and turn it into an intuitive, simple and beautiful way for people to plan a journey. The project has a huge, and incredibly diverse audience, so we needed to focus on creating a universal experience.

Through a highly collaborative process, we created and tested various flows, with regular input from stakeholders and user testing. We placed planning a journey at the centre of the web experience, and focussed on presenting the most simple interaction points upfront and only revealing more options as the user needed it. We constantly revisited our solution and asked whether we were doing this as simply as possible.

The solution, the Beta mode of which went live in May 2018, is a completely new digital experience for the PTV customer. It is simple, clean, and elegant, overtly user focussed, and completely scalable. As well as solving the problems presented in the brief, the solution gives a platform that will allow PTV’s website to grow and change along with its user’s expectations.