Australian Human Rights Commission Website Redesign - Drupal 8

Bliss were contracted to build the new responsive website for the Australian Human Rights Commission. The objectives of the engagement was to redesign the flagship website and a suite of microsites to connect better with audiences and improve user experience. The organisation wanted a site that moved away from simply being a repository of documents and information, to something that engaged their multitude of users and stakeholders on an emotional level.

To achieve this our design solution focused on story-telling with provoking content, photography, media and iconography. The websites needed to be fast and accessible. We simplified a lot of the complex functionality with innovative design that enabled users to get what they wanted as quick as possible.

The CMS solution we implemented was Drupal 8. We not only delivered on all the Commission’s technical requirements, but configured the CMS to enable a large amount of flexibility and autonomy for the organisation. By splitting content into modules, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to content generation. The Commission is able to craft rich and custom online experiences through a range of media and templates, to continue telling their story into the future.


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