Bayside City Council Digital Strategy & Transformation - Website Design - Drupal GovCMS

In 2016, Bliss was engaged by the Bayside City Council to conduct a review of their existing digital presence.

The Council identified a need to have a greater focus on customer experience. For the outcome, we produced a final report, including the new Information Architecture (IA) and a recommendation on technology implementation.

Following this we completed a full mobile friendly WCAG 2.0 AA compliant website design using the approved and tested wireframes. We were subsequently selected to redevelop the website using Drupal GovCMS.


One of the main challenges of the project was integrating the website with Council’s IT ecosystem. This involved integrating data from online web forms to the council’s back office system - with moderation works lows, email notifications, and payment schedules. It also required we enabled online payments for rates, fines and permits.

The website was delivered successfully on time and within budget. Post launch, we continue to partner with Bayside City Council to improve online experience for their citizens.


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