headspace Website Redesign - SilverStripe CMS

Bliss was engaged by headspace to create their new corporate website in 2015, this being the continuation of an ongoing relationship which began with the launch of their online assistance tool, eheadspace, in 2012.

The primary task in the redevelopment of the headspace site was to create a website that better reflected their position as an organisation. In the time since they had launched the last iteration of their site, headspace had grown considerably larger and had become far more of an established presence in the area of youth mental health. As such, the site needed to change to be more about the public user – parents and carers, young people and their friends – and ensuring they were able to find the most relevant and helpful information as quickly as possible. In particular, we had to focus on language, design and usability which helped get young people to centres.

The site’s visual design was particularly important – it needed to appeal to a young audience, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate headspace’s many campaigns. For this audience, mobile is hugely important, so a mobile- first approach was taken to the key interactions and templates. The site was tested extensively with real users to ensure these goals were being met and that the desired outcomes were achieved as simply as possible.

Since its launch in 2015, the site has delivered increased traffic to key content, and a consistently high approval rating from its audience.


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