Health Purchasing Victoria Website Design- Intranet/Extranet Development - Silverstripe CMS

In 2016, Bliss was contracted by Health Procurement Victoria (HPV) to redevelop their corporate website and extranet. This was a very technical project and major components of the project included an initial discovery, planning and technical scoping phase in which we produced business analysis documentation for technical delivery.

For the extranet our team performed technical architecture and built a bespoke and secure platform that enabled HPV to provide users with a personalised view of private information based on their access permissions. HPV are able to create user groups, assign individuals to groups and configure workflow based on the business requirements of HPV. The web security requirements of this project were critical. Our development team used the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) development guide to identify levels of input validation, authentication, data protection, transaction, privacy and SSL.

Since the initial build until today, we have continued to work with HPV for major development, maintenance and support. This included a major redesign and redevelopment project in 2017, which resulted in the current design of the website.


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