MEGT Website Redesign and Drupal 8 Development

MEGT Australia is a not-for-profit that assists Australian businesses, trainees, job seekers and students to get the most of the Australian Apprenticeships programme. When we began our relationship with MEGT, the brief was clear – they wanted our assistance in creating a digital strategy that made their site easier to use, their content easier to understand, and a digital presence which was more obviously created for the needs of their diverse user base.

The solution, which went live in April 2019, was extremely successful in achieving their goals. The project was a true collaboration – we committed, in a series of stakeholder engagement sessions, to understanding the complexities of their organisation and user needs. 

MEGT embraced our UX and content strategy, and applied it across all their digital material. We built the solution using the Drupal 8 CMS, integrating it with multiple third party technologies to ensure the experience was as easy and user friendly for internal users as it was for external ones.


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